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            1. Activity:
              Welcome to chuanghui plastic co. LTD…
              Consulting Hotline:
              Corporate culture
              I. enterprise mission: Let resources and ability achieve responsibility, to push "chuan hui" to the forefront of the new chemical building materials stageIi. Corporate slogan: Let "chuan hui" build your good life!Iii. Business philosophy: People-oriented, confirm its own value; Scientific and technological innovation, creating outstanding quality.4. Enterprise policy: To survive by quality, to compete with the brand, to develop with reputation, to manage the benefit, to environmental protection, safety and harmony.V. enterprise spirit:Unity, loyalty, innovation, competition
              Sichuan chuan hui plastic co. LTD
              Telephone:028-82392111 Facsimile:136-7902-0830 
              Web site :www.channeljen.com Email: chzjb666@163.com Address:No.588, north section, hongye avenue, chongzhou industrial park